WHY KOREA?CELEBRATE ALL YEAR ROUND(Festivals, Seasonal Activities, Cherry blossoms)


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South Korea is packed with tons of festivals celebrating life, seasons, and even popular culture all year round. You can participate in cultural practices passed down from generations such as the Jeju Fire Festival, where you will witness the locals ablaze a bonfire as grand as a mountain.

You can also choose to see Korea differently in every season - feel the thrill of exploring dream-like landscapes at Jinhae Cherry Blossoms Festival or catching trouts in the middle of a frozen river at Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival. If you’re looking for something bizarre, Boryeong Mud Festival will surely make you feel young, metaphorically and literally (as mud masks are believed to make your skin better!). Finally, music and dance are the life of a festival - and South Korea is abundant of it.

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