All visitors to Korea must submit a written baggage declaration to a customs officer upon entry. If a passenger declares non-duty-free articles voluntarily, the declared amount will be accepted and the clearance procedure will be expedited, unless the declared cost of articles is considered questionable.

Duty-Free Articles

All travellers entering Korea (excluding cabin crews) are allowed a certain amount of tax exemption.

Guidelines for Currency Regulation

Passengers entering Korea who are carrying foreign or Korean currency valued at over US $10,000 must declare it to a customs official. Arriving non-residents of Korea who are carrying foreign or Korean currency (including travellers or bank checks) valued at more than US $10,000 must obtain permission from the Bank of Korea or customs, while any amount carried into Korea and declared on arrival may be carried out without declaration to Customs. Residents of Korea must declare any currency or negotiable checks more than US $10,000 upon departure. Please be aware that any violation of these regulations will result in fines and penalties under the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act.

Prohibited & Restricted Items

All items brought in and out of Korea will be subject to inspection by customs officials. Some items are strictly prohibited, while others are restricted on-board a flight. Animals, animal products, plants, fruits and soil may be quarantined depending on their origin, description, and condition.

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