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    12 Days
    from $3,180.00
    Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan, DMZ, Andong – Hahoe Folk Village, Mt Seorak, Jeju Island, Yongin – Korean Folk Village, Jeonju – Hanok Village, Gwangju, Suncheon, Buyeo, Daegu, Yeosu, Hapcheon – Haeinsa Temple
    Fully Escorted Tour, Small Group Tour
    Arts and Performance, Culture & Festival, DMZ, UNESCO
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  • Bukchon Hanok Village : Afternoon Tour

    1 Day
    from $116.00 / Person
    Seat-in-Coach Tour, Day Tour, Small Group Tour
    Culture & Festival
    Visit Korea Tradtional Village: It takes you to Bukak Skyway, Bukchon Hanok Village, Bukchon Cultural Center and Korean Traditional Knots Gallery (Gahoe Gallery on Sunday).
    Lotte Travel
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    1 Day
    from $105.00
    Day Tour, Fully Escorted Tour
    Culture & Festival
    Cheonggye Stream had been closed due to the development of city. However, this river was reborn in October, 2005, as our resting place. And also you will visit the Korean Traditional Village called "Hanok Village and Namdaemun Market in Namsan area.
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  • Circuit course of K-shuttle 5Days

    5 Days
    from $770.00
    Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan, Mt Seorak, Jeonju – Hanok Village, Gwangju, Suncheon, Buyeo, Yeosu, Wonju
    Short Stay Tour, Small Group Tour
    Culture & Festival, UNESCO
    Day 1 (SUN/WED/FRI): Seoul – Buyeo – Jeonju – Gwangju

    Day 2 (MON/THU/SAT): Gwangju – Suncheon – Yeosu

    Day 3 (TUE/FRI/SUN): Yeosu – Busan – Gyeongju

    Day 4 (WED/SAT/MON): Gyeongju – Wonju

    Day 5 (THU/SUN/TUE): Wonju – Mt. Sorak – Seoul

    Wonderful Travel
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  • Delights of South Korea & Japan

    19 Days
    from $11,595.00 / Person
    Gyeongbokgung Palace, KTX Express Train, Gyeongju, Jeonju – Hanok Village
    Rail, Seat-in-Coach Tour, Fully Escorted Tour
    Food, DMZ, UNESCO
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