McLachlan Experiences is part of McLachlan Travel Group, a family company that has been prominent in the Australian travel industry for more than 30 years.

The McLachlan family first began organising holidays for Australian travellers in 1979, when Mat’s parents, Gil and Leonie, opened a small travel agency in West Wyalong, a town of 3500 people in the NSW wheatbelt. Since then the company has grown, but is still very much a family enterprise.

As part of McLachlan Travel Group, McLachlan Experiences shares the core values that were established by Gil and Leonie when they opened their first travel agency all those years ago: to provide knowledge and value to Australian travellers, and the best holiday experience possible.

McLachlan Tours began in 2007, when military historian and author Mat McLachlan combined his passion for Australian war history with his family company’s travel credentials and launched Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours ( In its first five years the company grew to become the leading specialist battlefield tour operator in Australia, offering tours to Europe, Asia and the Pacific Islands. Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours pioneered several initiatives designed to bring battlefield history to life, including Life at the Front, an educational experience for school groups that enables students to spend a day as an Australian WWI soldier, complete with uniform, rifle and even a bully beef meal!

The company’s dedication to providing quality travel products and unique experiences led to the launch of McLachlan Experiences, the company’s brand for non-battlefield tour products. McLachlan Experiences is a specialist tour operator that caters for groups of all sizes, and themed touring of all interests. McLachlan Experiences has recently expanded its tour offering by partnering with expert local suppliers in Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America and, combined with its established expertise in Europe, now offers a truly global product.

McLachlan Experiences sets itself apart by the unique travel experiences and flexibility it offers to travellers. McLachlan Experiences passengers don’t just visit a destination – they are immersed and live it. Food and wine tours, cultural exploration, amazing festivals and other truly unique and inspiring experiences are all part of a McLachlan Experience.

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