Plan Your Trip Transit Tours

If you have a long layover at Incheon International Airport, join one of free transit tours, ranging from entertainment to lifestyle to business, temples, shopping, and tradition. Travellers can choose among the different tours available: 1-hour, 2-hour, 4-hour, and 5-hour tour courses. Each transit tour is led by an English-speaking tour guide and can be signed up for in advance online or upon arrival in the case of available seats. All tours in the transit tour program are provided for free. However, tourist site admission fees and meals are excluded and must be paid individually.

The passenger who is eligible to enter to Korea and who has connecting flight from third countries to other third countries within 24 hours can join the tour.

Incheon Airport Transit Tours

(4H) Gwangmyeong Cave Tour

(4H) Ganghwa Jeondeungsa Temple Tour