Take Advantage of Discount Performance Tickets when Visiting Seoul

KTO Sydney on 02/04/2014 at 10:33 am

Most foreign visitors to Seoul take in one of Seoul’s popular non-verbal theatre performances. If you are travelling to Seoul in the next few months then the K-performance launch event on the Korea Tourism Organization website is offering performances at 50% off the top eighteen shows in Seoul right now.

The new K-Performance area of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) website is presently offering great savings for bookings made by the end of April for future performances. So, if you are planning a trip to Seoul and can book right now you can make big savings on these theatre performances.

Shows like Nanta, Drumcat, Bibap, Jump, The Painters, The Drawing Show and others are all incredibly popular with tourists as they are all non-verbal fun and enjoyable entertainment.

Nanta was the first and most successful of all and has been running for more than 20 years in Seoul as well as appearances on Broadway and elsewhere. Due to Nanta’s success there are many others who have followed and are now a big hit with tourists. Almost all of the performances combine Korean drumming and music with fun and interactive comedy which appeals to all audience ages.

Another way to get cheap tickets is via a ‘Rush’ ticket. You can purchase ‘Rush’ tickets at up to 60% off the regular price for various performances including non-verbal performances, musicals, theatrical plays as well as Korean traditional performances.

You can obtain these tickets by visiting the Tourist Information Centre on the ground level of Korea Tourism Organization between 12noon-6pm and checking availability for your desired performance on the day. ‘Rush’ tickets are available on a daily basis and can only be purchased at the Ticket Booth at the KTO Headquarters and cannot be purchased on-line.

For full information on how to obtain discounted performance tickets when visiting Seoul visit the K-Performance area on the official Korea Tourism Organization website:


Dated: 2 April, 2014

Further information: Jennifer Doherty, PR/Marketing Manager, KTO Sydney office

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