Explore the Great Outdoors in Korea and Discover Unexpected Adventures

KTO Sydney on 25/02/2014 at 10:32 am

Whether your interests lie in adrenalin charged sports like paragliding, ice climbing, river-rafting or scuba diving or you enjoy a more sedate pace on a cycling adventure Korea has it all. A new brochure ‘Unexpected Adventures, Explore Korea’ highlights the adventurous and fun times you can enjoy in Korea.

Korea has many beautiful coastal areas where visitors can enjoy yachting or Scuba Diving. At the Haeundae Yachting Range in the southern sea port of Busan yachting enthusiasts can spend a day or two enjoying excellent sailing facilities. Yachting is also popular on Jeju Island from the Jeju Jungmun Marine Park.

Scuba divers can explore the ocean off Ulleung Island as well as Jeju Island, both islands have fully certified dive resort facilities suitable for tourists. Korea has many lakes and rivers which offer great canoeing, kayaking and river-rafting. Paragliding is popular on Jeju Island as well as at several other areas on the east coast of Korea.

If you are fit and into triathlon, then why not join the Jeju International Trialthon which is an annual event on the beautiful island of Jeju, off the south coast of Korea. If you are skilled in taekwondo then the brand new Taekwondo Park opening in April 2014 in Muju in central Korea will be a great place to visit. Facilities will include a Taekwondo stadium, an experience hall, an exhibition hall and an International Taekwondo Academy. Surrounded by stunning natural scenery in Muju, visitors are invited to take part in taekwondo and enjoy the venue’s water terrace.

Pyeongchang Alpensia resort is the venue for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games and offers excellent locations for winter sports. A ski jump lounge is located at the top of the ski jump tower constructed for the Olympics, Other popular ski resorts in the area are Yongpyong, Muju Deogyusan, High 1 Resort and Phoenix Park.

Korea has recently opened up many riverside cycling paths. From the Nakdonggang Bicycle Path in the south east of the country to cycling the Han River in downtown Seoul there are useful Bicycle Path maps available on the Korea Tourism Organization website for use by cyclists. You can almost cycle the length and breadth of Korea if you wish these days on well planned cycle paths with good directions.

If you wish to plan an adventurous holiday in Korea you can obtain all the information in the form of e-brochures on the Korea Tourism Organization website: www.visitkorea.or.kr and click on E-brochures. If you’d like a hard copy of the brochure/cycling maps request your free copy from the Sydney office of Korea Tourism Organization Email: visitkorea@knto.org.au

Dated: 25th February, 2014

Further information: Jennifer Doherty, PR/Marketing Manager, KTO Sydney office

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