Korea: Safe and Sound

KTO Sydney on 11/10/2017 at 2:14 pm

North Korea is a difficult subject to ignore when considering South Korea for travel, especially with the increase in media coverage on the issue in the past year or so. Because of this, some people may be questioning whether travel to South Korea is safe. This is a question we have been asked here at the Korea Tourism Organization Sydney – and the answer continues to be a resounding “YES”. Despite the media frenzy in the West, the situation on the Korean peninsula continues to be stable and people continue to go about their normal business.

Peter Underwood, a Senior Partner at IRC Limited – a business development consultancy specialised in supporting Western companies capitalise on business opportunities in South Korea – recently wrote a piece for the Australia-Korea Business Council explaining the situation in South Korea. Peter Underwood has been living in Korea for over 49 years and remains adamant that the situation with North Korea has seen very little change over the last year, and the country remains “business as usual”. Although his piece is primarily targeting businesses, there is a lot to take away from it from a tourist perspective as well.

You can find the whole report here: http://www.akbc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Report-Korea-Safe-and-Sound.pdf

Mr Underwood is a life-long resident in the Republic of Korea whose family has ties with the country all the way back to the late 19th century. He has also been an experienced business development consultant since the 1980s, supporting Western companies to succeed in Korea. He is the managing director of the State of Georgia Korea Office and a Senior Partner of IRC, where he specialises in cross cultural business facilitation. Through years of experience, Mr Underwood has become an expert in both Korean culture and Korean business and continues to play an active role in promoting Korea to the world. He is fluent in Korean and holds a Bachelor of International Affairs from Lewis and Clark College and an MBA for International Business from the University of San Francisco. (Profile from the Australia – Korea Business Council)

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