Discover Seoul Pass and upgraded iTour Seoul app make sightseeing in Seoul a easy

KTO Sydney on 17/07/2017 at 4:50 pm

For visitors to Seoul the new and improved Discover Seoul Pass offers easy access to the main tourism attractions in the city for one set price.  The pass has recently been upgraded to provide more benefits to tourists visiting the city for a short stay.

The newly upgraded Discover Seoul Pass now covers twenty-two attractions with free admission.  It also has expanded other perks like receiving discounts to theatre performances, duty free shopping, tour service facilities and you can even use the pass for transportation around Seoul.

The Discover Seoul Pass offers two options, a 24hour pass costs 39,900 Korean won (approx. A$45) and a 48hour pass costs 55,000 Korean won (approx. A$62) allowing visitors on a short term visit to see the best of Seoul’s major attractions in a very short time.

The Discover Seoul Pass can be purchased at Incheon International Airport and various outlets around the city.  Detailed information is available at

Another great asset to have whilst sightseeing in Seoul is the mobile app iTour Seoul.  The app was first launched in 2009 but the new upgraded version many more great features like tourism top ten lists, recommended attractions, events and festivals, performances and hotel reservations, real-time bus information, a subway map and much more.

The iTour Seoul app is a web based app that is connected to the official Seoul Metro Government travel site and offers valuable real-time information.  In addition, users can make reservations for everything from hotels to theatre performances and the excellent free Seoul Walking Tours.

The Seoul Walking Tours are offered free of charge by the Seoul City Government.  There is a huge array of walking tours with expert multilingual tour guides to show you the best sites in the city including royal palaces, the brand new Seollu7017, traditional market courses, Han River and Seoul City Wall’s  as well as the traditional Korean hanok village of Bukchon.  Tours are completely free, but it is usual to offer a tip to the guide at the end of the tour.

Seoul has two new major attractions which opened earlier this year.  The Lotte World Tower is the architectural crown jewel of Seoul.  Soaring 555 metres into the air  with 123 stories, Lotte World Tower is home to Korea’s tallest observation deck (at 500m) Seoul Sky.

The other new attraction is Seoullu7017, the  road-bridge around Seoul station where you can traverse the city’s ancient and modern history at sites such as Sungnyemun Gate and Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul city walls and Seoul Station. Learn more about how Seoul has changed over the past 600 years to become the great city it is today.

For more information on the iTour Seoul mobile app and where to download, Seoul city’s free walking tours and new attractions visit the main Seoul Metro Government website:

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