Countdown to the ‘2019 Daehakro Festival’ is on!

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Everything You Need to Know About the 2019 Welcome Daehakro Festival!

Daehakro, Korea’s very own Broadway Street, is celebrating a two-month-long festival from the 2nd of September to the 27th of October. The ‘Welcome Daehakro Festival’ is Asia’s first and only theatre performance festival when it started in 2017. Now in its second year, the festival will stage 70 shows, which is twice as many as the previous year, with more than 13,000 tourists expected to attend.

The ‘Daehakro Festival’ has been celebrating the thriving community of performing arts such as musicals, drama, and music, for over two years. Over the years, this local festival is improving and expanding to attract and accommodate more international tourists to enjoy all kinds of Korean performances. The events are both free and ticketed, while a handful of special performances will provide English, Chinese, and Japanese subtitles.

On top of that, everything has been prepared to make Daehakro Festival experience smooth and enjoyable. Foreigners can easily purchase show tickets through the online global booking site

Visitors are invited to participate in the opening ceremony and enjoy a fan meeting with a Korean musical star, non-verbal performances, interesting talk shows for foreigners, and nine musical performances.

Apart from performing arts, Daehakro is well known for being one of Seoul’s most hip streets teeming with whimsical cafés, trendy fashion boutiques, and artsy hangouts. Visitors will also delight in the colourful murals and sculptures scattered around the arts district.


Event Highlights – Below is a list of featured activities of the festival:

 Great Show in Daehakro – Opening Ceremony

The explosive opening ceremony will be happening at the Marronnier Park on the 10th of September. It is a night packed with live music performances and other shows, including two of Daehakro’s most popular musicals ‘Little Jack’ and ‘Gloomy Day’. You’re eyes and ears are definitely in for a treat!

Welcome Theatre Relay Show

Enjoy all the best and famous musicals, dances, non-verbal performances, and other shows of diverse genres in one theatre. From 5th of September – 27th of October, you’d easily catch the following shows at Yes24 Stage Hall 2: My Bucket List, Nanseol, Sejong 1446, You & It etc. Take your pick at mark your calendars for your must-see shows!

Benhur – The Musical

Ben-hur, a Korean musical that has garnered multiple prestigious awards, will take the stage for a special performance to culminate the Daehakro Festival from July 30th to October 13th. The show is based on the 1880 best-selling classic novel, turned into a Hollywood film as well. Guests will not only be able to watch the play, but they are also in a treat to meet one of the main actors, Kai.

Grab the 1+1 special promo tickets for foreigners only for ₩52,500 here! Click the ‘Foreigner’ tab to purchase tickets in English, Chinese, or Japanese.

For more information:



Facebook @Welcomedaehakro2019



[Performances with Eglish Subtitles]

Only You, Finding Mr. Destiny, Little Jack, Washing, Loving In The Rain, Sejong 1446, The Art of Seduction, Jamaica Health Club, Nanseol (Orchid Snow)

 [Non-verbal Performances]

FANTA-STICK, Darkness Poomba, Jump, PANGSHOW, Nanta, Sun & Moon, CHEF, “KUNG” Season 3, HI MASK, Fire man, Painters



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