Australian Travellers to South Korea on the Rise

KTO Sydney on 13/01/2020 at 9:48 am

South Korea is enjoying its record-breaking number in tourist arrivals this year. According to the Korea Tourism Organisation, over 17.5 million tourists visited South Korea in 2019, reflecting a significant increase of 14% from the previous year. Meanwhile, the number of Australians travelling to South Korea rose to 12.9% with approximately 172,000 tourist arrivals recorded.

South Korea turns into a winter wonderland for Australians this summer.

The surge of international visitor arrivals from Australia and New Zealand is partly due to the increase of flight and cruise options to South Korea. Notably, the inclusion of South Korea as a destination of major cruise lines in April along with the introduction of new direct flights in various parts of the region including Jetstar in Gold Coast, and Air New Zealand in Auckland.

“We are looking into 2020 with a positive outlook thanks to the increased availability and affordability of travel to South Korea,” Taihwan Kim, Director of KTO Sydney describes. “These days, many of the travellers are seeking new destinations and experiences. They crave for activities that are immersive and authentic – this is where South Korea comes in the picture. South Korea is an emerging tourist destination in the Australia and New Zealand market,” he added.

Travellers visiting Korea on winter can enjoy unique activities like ice fishing (L) & night skiing (R).

Apart from a 5,000-year-old rich history and cultural tradition, South Korea also offers travellers distinct seasonal attractions and festivities, vast natural treasures for sightseeing and diverse adventures, healthy cuisine, as well as the global sensation Korean pop culture such as k-pop and Hallyu (Korean Drama). KTO will actively support this upward trend by doing more promotional campaigns in the region as well as participating in major travel trade shows and exhibitions.


The Korea Tourism Organisation office in Sydney has been actively promoting Korea as a leisure tourism destination in Australia and New Zealand. It has been collaborating with major tour wholesalers, retailers, airlines on several projects and events to boost the awareness of Korea as a destination in the pacific region. KTO Office in Sydney provides support, assistance and information for all travel-related enquiries for Australia and New Zealand markets. For inquiries, send an email to

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