Aussie expat offers alcohol and brewing tours of Seoul

KTO Sydney on 06/12/2017 at 10:50 am

Dan and Julia

For Australians travelling to Korea for the upcoming Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games as well as other times throughout the year there are some exciting new alcohol and brewing tours being offered by an Australian expatriate in Seoul, Julia Mellor and her partner Daniel McLaughlin through the ‘The Sool Company‘.

Julia has made a name for herself in Seoul as an expert of traditional Korean alcohol.  Julia comes from Brisbane and has been an activist for the promotion of Korean traditional alcohol over the past five years. She has become known locally and internationally after she trained at a number of famous institutes in Korea including under Grand Master Park Rok Dam.

Her company ‘The Sool Company’ (sool meaning alcohol in Korean) is now offering various tours that can easily be booked online and are being enjoyed by many visitors travelling to Seoul.

Among the tours being offered are Makgeolli (traditional rice wine) brewing classes, a hands on experience where you can learn about brewing your own Makgeolli.  The Insadong Taster takes you on a three hour traditional Korean alcohol tasting spree visiting three Makgeolli bars each with their own unique style. And you have Julia & Daniel’s company to educate you about Korean alcohol, drinking customs and much more.

The Master Brewers tour offers a chance to taste some of the finest Korean alcohol available on the market.  The brews that you will taste are unique, artisanal and superbly crafted.

Or you can experience the full spectrum of Korean traditional alcohol in one tasting and dining journey.  Julia and Daniel will take you on a cultural and culinary exploration of makgeolli, takju, cheongju and soju paired with an exquisite array of local delicacies.

The Sool Company also provides public and private ‘sool’ consulting and event planning services to cater for groups or meetings and events. Participants can learn more not only about Korean traditional alcohol, but the culture, history and food of Korea.

To book a tour, learn more about ‘sool’ culture in Korea, bar reviews and more visit the official website for ‘The Sool Company’:

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