2020 Korea Grand Sale

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“Enjoyment of Korean Tourism—Shopping Combined with Culture”
Korea Grand Sale 2020,
45-day Festival of Shopping, Culture, and Tourism

– Tourism promotion that goes beyond shopping to the experience of culture –
– A variety of hands-on K-Culture contents including K-Pop and K-Heritage –
– Pre-reservation of 8 airlines and over 200 hotels in Korea has opened –

Visit Korea Committee will be hosting the “Korea Grand Sale 2020,” a shopping, culture, and tourism festival for foreign visitors, for 45 days from 16th of January to 29th of February in 2020 throughout Korea.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Korea Grand Sale 2020 will invite foreign tourists to experience the rich and colourful joy of Korean tourism under the concept, “Inviting you to the Korea Grand Sale.” The festival does not only provide discount benefits for shopping, airfare, and accommodations, but it also fosters “BIG 5 Promotions” for K-Culture contents including K-Pop, K-Food, and K-Beauty that are gaining more and more attention from the people all over the world.


# Special Promotions, from K-Pop to K-Heritage
Korea Grand Sale 2020 differentiates itself as tourism promotion as it not only offers discounts on shopping, airfare, and accommodations, but it also allows you to enjoy Korean cultural experiences. There will be special promotions with the participation of companies and brands that are representatives of Korea. The “K-Culture Big 5 Promotion,” which is exclusive in Korea Grand Sale, consists of K-Pop, K-Beauty, K-Food, K-Winter, and K-Heritage. This promotion will make your trip to Korea unforgettable.

▲ K-Pop
You can watch K-Pop shows, including Seoul Music Awards and M-Countdown, in which you can experience Hallyu (Korean Wave) K-POP stars by yourself and feel the passion of their performances. You can also participate in popular K-Pop dance academy operated by 1Million Dance Studio. Participants will be selected through weekly events on Social Media which will be held starting in December.

▲ K-Food
You will be delighted by all of the Korean foods. “Korea Grand Tasting,” offered by hotels and resorts, is a collection of Korean hotel cuisines. Particularly, special promotion, “Nightscape Korea” is prepared for foreigners who want to know more about Korean food, allowing them to enjoy refreshments with the beautiful and modern Korean nightscape in the background. Furthermore, your trip to Korea will be double the fun with the introduction to famous cafes in Korea recommended by the Korea Grand Sale, restaurants recommended by local Korean office workers, and restaurants that were used to film Korean dramas.

▲ K-Beauty
Together with Sulwhasoo, which has established itself as a world-class luxury brand, will be promoting the true charm of K-Beauty. The whole course of the K-Beauty Class at the Sulwhasoo flagship store will be operated with skincare and makeup products of its own brand, allowing participants to experience the epitome of K-Beauty. Additionally, foreign tourists who bring Korea Grand Sale coupons will be offered a travel kit, receive discounts with the purchase of products, and enjoy a spa service if they make a reservation.

▲ K-Heritage
The “2020 Visit Cultural Heritage Campaign” will be conducted in order to vitalize tourism associated with the cultural heritages in Korea. This promotion aims to advertise Korean cultural heritages and offer related experiences to foreign tourists who visit Korea during the period of Korea Grand Sale 2020. The programs include K-Heritage-Route 5 Certification (visit cultural heritages event), Making Korean Handicrafts operated by the Training Center for Important Intangible Cultural Properties, and Cultural Heritage VR Experience Zone.

▲ K-Winter
The tourism promotion for the winter will allow foreign tourists to experience Korea’s cold season to the fullest by providing them with Winter & Ski Festa, which was organized by 15 Korean domestic ski resorts, as well as winter activity promotions prepared by Korean start-ups that are tourism platforms, including Trazy and Korea Travel Easy.

# Participation of Eight Korean Airlines with Up to 95% Discount for Airfare and Strengthened Regional Routes
All eight Koran airlines will be participating in Korea Grand Sale 2020, enriching benefits and discounted routes. Early-bird promotion and a special price event are currently being offered with up to 95% discount. In particular, the promotion of regional routes by each airline will encourage you to visit Korean local provinces and the connection between international airports and regional tourism contents will allow you to experience the charms of each region.
Additionally, special discounts will be available at over 200 hotels and more than 300 restaurants throughout the country. Diverse and wide-spanning benefits will be offered, including the train that runs the airport railroad (Incheon International Airport↔Seoul Station), as well as “K Travel Bus” and “EG Tour Bus,” the local bus tour services.

# Discounts and Convenient Services are a Given
During the period of Korea Grand Sale 2020, shopping discounts according to businesses, as well as discount promotions according to card companies will be offered at department stores, duty-free shops, shopping malls, and traditional markets. An immediate refund of additional tax will be offered as well.

At duty-free shops, immediate discounts or discount coupons will be provided according to one’s total spending amount. Doota Mall, a shopping mall where foreign tourists can shop for their beloved Korean brands as well as international brands, will offer the goods by MONSTA X, the Korean idol group, on a first-come, first-served basis.

During the Korea Grand Sale period, the convenience services will be enhanced to spread a welcoming atmosphere for foreigners who visit Korea. Event Center(Welcome Center) will be established and operated in Dongdaemun as well as Incheon and Gimpo International Airports, the most-visited spots by foreign visitors. “Smart Help Desk” will boost convenience and satisfaction during visitors’ tours of Korea by providing information on events and tourism, convenience services such as interpretation, free giveaway events, and experience programs. There will be “Hands Free Service,” a luggage delivery and storage service that is available in major spots in downtown Seoul, including hotels and airports, and the special promotion of “Korea Tour Card,” a transportation and tourism card for foreigners.

Han Kyeong-ah, the secretary-general of the Visit Korea Committee, said, “We will do our best to prepare for Korea Grand Sale as an inbound tourism promotion together with Korean tourism industry in order to make it a bountiful festival where foreign tourists can enjoy not only the benefits of shopping discounts but also the charm of Korean culture.”

Visit Korea Committee is currently promoting Korea Grand Sale by opening advance reservations for flights, accommodations, and activities and through ads online and on social media according to the targeted markets, as well as overseas fairs and briefing sessions.
For more information, visit the official website of Korea Grand Sale (https://en.koreagrandsale.co.kr).

※ Attached are two photos of the event of the previous year.








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