01 Experience a Temple stay

The Korean temple stay program offers an escape from the stress of city life within the surrounds of a serene Korean Buddhist mountain temple. Embrace the life of a monk for a day or two. Learn how to meditate effectively, eat traditional temple food and experience a Korean tea ceremony. The temple stay program will clear your mind and revitalize your soul.

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02 Learn the art of making Kimchi

Kimchi is the national dish of Korea and is served with every meal, including breakfast. Spice up your life and learn to make your own Kimchi. The Kimchi-making Experience Centre in Gwangju is a great place for beginners and you can join the massive outdoor Gwangju Kimchi Festival as well.

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03 Dive into the Boryeong Mud Festival

In July every year, Boryeong comes alive with the annual mud festival. Cover yourself head-to-toe in mud and party with mudslides, mud massages and giant mud baths. It’s a whole world of fun for young and old. And it’s great for your skin too.

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04 Trek through Korea’s National Parks

Get lost in the amazing autumn scenery of Seoraksan National Park with its towering granite cliffs, spectacular autumn foliage, hidden temples and streams. Head to south and hike in the rolling mountains and valleys of stunning Jirisan National Park. Take a relaxing hot spring bath at one of the local resorts and experience the beauty of Naejangsan National Park during the Autumn Maple festival.

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05 Learn Taekwondo – Korea’s Unique Martial Art

Learn the ancient discipline of Taekwondo. Take part in a variety of programs from short introductory courses to weeklong programs at Kukkiwon Memorial Hall, the world Taekwondo headquarters. There are also special experience programs for foreign visitors.

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06 Spend the night in a traditional
Korean ‘Hanok’

Enjoy the best sleep ever at a relaxing Korean ‘Hanok’ house. Spend the night on a traditional Korean floor bed for some peace and tranquillity. Enjoy the warmth of under floor heating. Jeonju Hanok Village is a 400 year-old living village, a time capsule of Korean history and culture. Other ‘Hanok’ locations include Andong Hahoe Village or Bukchon Village in Seoul.

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07Cook your own Korean Barbeque

Traditional Korean barbeque restaurants are scattered around major cities and towns. Share a table with friends and cook the Korean way. Sizzle some marinated beef (Bulgogi) or marinated beef ribs (Galbi) and complete the dining experience with a selection of mouth-watering side dishes.

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08Shopping 24/7

Get your credit card ready because shopping never stops in Seoul. Most shops including markets stay open late into the night. Shopping areas such as Dongdaemum and Myeongdong even have massive stages where young performers showcase their talents.

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09Explore Korea’s epic nightlife

Hang out with the cool crowd in major shopping districts and popular downtown areas. The top attractions at night-time are Dongdaemun Market for late-night shopping and the Hongik University (Hongdae) neighbourhood with its concentration of nightclubs.

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10 Take a free walking tour through
600 year-old Seoul

Put on some comfy shoes and check out the beautiful royal palaces, arts and cultural streets of Seoul City. Take in the art galleries, antique shops and relax at a traditional teahouse along the way. Seoul city walking tours are a great way to learn about Korea and get some exercise at the same time.

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