A perfect blend of rich cultural heritage,
a dynamic present & the eternal beauty of nature

The Korean capital city Seoul is home to more than 10 million inhabitants from all over the country and around the world, living and working in modern skyscrapers and moving rapidly through a sophisticated infrastructure. At the same time, diverse forms of nature thrive and permeate throughout Seoul, while abundant cultural heritage assets coexist with modernity in this nation’s capital of over 600 years. Essentially, Seoul is traditional yet modern, technological yet natural.

In the heart of Seoul are the royal palaces, occupied by global institutions they are considered high-tech buildings and which are designated a place within UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage. Asia’s largest underground street shopping mall lies near the 15th century royal tombs. A vast array of subway system transports millions of passengers daily to their destination, as Hangang River, which bolstered the nation’s miraculous economic development, flows calmly through the city.

Finally, a plethora of social and cultural outlets that knows no limit in time and space, fostering creativity and excitement, is just across the city and among all Seoul’s residents. We invite you to begin your Korean travel here, in this ever fascinating, evolving and harmonious city of Seoul!

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