Gyeonsangnam-do Guide

KTO Sydney on 27/01/2015 at 9:51 am

CNN’s 50 Must See Attractions in South Korea include nine places in Gyeongnam.

These include the Namhae Gacheon Daraengi Village (3rd), Jinhae Gyeonghwa Station (5th), Changnyeong Upo Wetland (6th), Hapcheon Haeinsa Temple (13th), Cheongwangbong Peak of Jirisan Mountain (14th), Jinhae Yeojwacheon Cherry Blossom Walkway (17th), Hamyang Terraced Paddy Field (29th), Sancheong Hwangmaesan Royal Azalea Festival (34th), and Jinju Chokseongnu Pavilion (49th).

Gyeongnam, with many beautiful tourist attractions, Visit to Gyeongnam to experience the true feeling of Korea!

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