Feel the Rhythm of Korea drops three new videos!

Feel the Rhythm of Korea drops three new videos!

Last month, the Korea Tourism Organization collaborated with Korean alternative pop band ‘Leenalchi’ and ‘Ambiguous Dance Company’ to create a very unique tourism promotional campaign. The eye-catching videos garnered so much love that KTO decided to premiere three more!

It’s a series of videos aim to cheer up people across the globe in this time of pandemic. It showcases Pansori, South Korea’s traditional genre of musical storytelling, as well as one-of-a-kind dance moves, and of course, popular attractions of selected major tourist destinations – this time, featuring emerging attractions in South Korea namely Andong, Gangneung, and Mokpo.

Watch, enjoy, and dance with the beats and beautiful views of the videos below!
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Feel the Rhythm of Korea – Andong

Featured attractions: Buyongdae Cliff, Hahoe Village (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Manhyuheong Pavilion, Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy (UNESCO World Heritage Site), and Woryeonggo bridge.


Feel the Rhythm of Korea – Gangneung

Featured attractions: Jeongdongjin Station, Yeongjin Beach, BTS Bus Stop, Jumunjin Fish Market, Naksansa Temple, Sodoradeul Rock Park, Gangneung Curling Center, Imdang-dong Catholic Church.


Feel the Rhythm of Korea – Mokpo

Featured attractions: Sihwa village (Yonhee ‘s supermarket), Yudalsan Mountain, Mokpo Ogeori (Five-way intersection), Yongsanjae Hanok Hotel, Yeosu Maritime Cable Car, Shinan salt farm, and Mokpohang Port.


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