3 Oddly Satisfying Korea Videos You Need to Watch to Make you Relax

3 Oddly Satisfying Korea Videos You Need to Watch to Make you Relax

The pandemic has kept us from travelling overseas. Many of us have turned to social media to entertain ourselves by watching homemade videos of our friends, social media challenges, and cat videos. While some of us are doing well, a few people are burning out from all the negative news and strict COVID-19 measures.

The Korea Tourism Organisation has launched three time-lapse videos aptly titled “Oddly Satisfying Korea.” The videos show a different approach of exhibiting Korean arts & crafts, food, and outdoor activities. Apart from being visually pleasing, the videos give a relaxing and comforting feeling. Once you start watching it, you will want to see how it ends. 

For example, on the Craftmanship video, you can watch closely, in detail, how raw materials are transformed into masterpieces such as maedeup (Korean tradition knot), cheongja (celadon), ottchil (traditional Korean lacquer), and more. You will see how each Korean culture master meticulously weaves, paints, or puts intricate details on their craft. 

The Taste video, on the other hand, will be something you will not watch when you’re hungry. It comes with a welcomed surprise such as skills of making perfectly shaped eumok (fish-cake) balls without using any tools! You will also see melted cheese slowly dripping on the red, spicy Korean street food tteokbokki (rice cake) or watch someone makes noodles with a knife and a wooden paddle.

Finally, on the Adventure video, you will watch outdoor attractions and activities in Korea at a different perspective – in an aerial view. You’ll be amazed how a simple change of viewing angle can turn places into moving art. Among the featured places in this video are Hallyeosudo viewing ropeway (Teongyeong), Big Ball Land (Jeju), Yeongnuni Oreum (Jeju), Gwangchigi beach (Jeju), Clear Bottom Kayak (Jeju), Skyline Luge (Tongyeong), and Geommeolle Beach (Jeju). 

Watch the videos below and enjoy!

Oddly Satisfying Korea – Craftmanship


Oddly Satisfying Korea – Taste


Oddly Satisfying Korea – Adventure

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