Korea Temporarily suspends Visa Waiver Agreements

Korea Temporarily suspends Visa Waiver Agreements

Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs temporarily suspends the validity of the short-term visa issued before April 5, 2020. In addition, they will temporarily suspend visa waiver agreements and visa-free entry into the country from midnight, April 13, 2020.

1. Temporary suspension of short-term visa validity

  • The validity of a short-term visa (within 90 days) issued by an overseas mission by April 5, 2020 will be temporarily suspended.
    You must re-apply for a visa (provided, no fee for re-application).
  • Short-term employment (C-4) visa and long-term visa (employment, investment, etc.) are not subject to suspension of validity.
  • In the future, all visa applications must be examined by a medical institution within 48 hours before submitting a medical certificate.
    – The medical certificate must include the presence of corona 19 related symptoms (such as coughing, chills, headaches, muscle aches and pneumonia)

2. Agreement on exemption of visa waiver and temporary suspension of non-accredited entry

  • The visa waiver will be temporarily suspended for some countries that have signed a visa waiver agreement with Korea or have allowed the Korean government to enter the country without a visa.
  • Australia and New Zealand are also included in the countries.
  • Please refer to the attached document for details of the country and region.

Source: Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Sydney

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